Thursday, 4 December 2014

Happy Christmas and a Merry 2015!

Thank you for all your encouragement and support this year. We've had a wonderful time getting out and about the country, and they say the Tour de France will never be the same after our intervention....

You may or may not be glad to hear that we're already hard at it writing lots of new material for 2015. And, oh look! We've found a few clever little Gadget thingys to add over on the right below our Gallery. Do try them, and then we'll know they work! Just click on the Email thing now so you can be the first to know what we're getting up to and where.

We've made a special little Christmas present for you below. Hope you enjoy it.

We hope you have all the good bits this Christmas, and a calm and healthy 2015.

Hope to see you soon!

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep

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How to Book

Lippy Logic is a two-woman show that brings live theatre to your doorstep with laugh-out loud comedy and acute observations of everyday life.

The show is made for Arts centres, village halls, churches, fields, barns, schools, small theatres; after-dinner pieces, Christmas parties, WI's, The Full Monty (er...that's to say "show") - you name it - if you have room for an audience and a small performance area, you can accommodate Lippy Logic, and we'll bring great entertainment and live theatre. Here is just some of our repertoire to date:

From comedy:Two ladies of a certain age meet the might of the Tour De France on a fell in Yorkshire • Hints and Tips of growing courgettes in adversity in a Yorkshire Country Garden • Singing lessons with a Teapot and a Flat Cap
To drama:The lifelong friendship of two friends is testing to breaking point when human frailties are suddenly exposed • the tense relationship between a mother and daughter • handling ageing and ageism

And right now, our 2015 show is making its way through the Lippy Logic notebook.

All you have to do is get an audience together, sell tickets, provide front of house people, oh and lay on refreshments (optional extras but they always go down well with audience and performers!).

We have the technical stuff - props, sound and lighting - we just need electricity to make it work. We can help with posters and publicity.

If you haven't done this before
Give us a call or send an email, and speak to your local authority’s Arts Development Officer who might be able to help. - 

we'd love to hear from you!

Contact us:

Tel: 01729 824537

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