Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Riding high in Hawes!

Well, we made it to the highest market town in England then (aka Hawes!). The bike is now having a rest and we have rather a lot of french sausage to get through. Not to mention the Très Grande Baguette.  The Dales Countryside Museum was a smashing venue, the people were lovely and the audience just great. And we had a jolly good time too! Thanks to everyone who came and who helped.

Here are some audience comments, followed by the press review:

People were very complimentary about Lippy Logic, I heard a lot of warm and positive feedback. I noticed much laughter at the ruder jokes from the elderly ladies......!
I laughed and cried in turn. The 4 part sketch [Photographing Kites] in Part 1 was most moving, and extremely well acted. I thought too that all the complicated scenery/props were really well handled, given you had such a small space. SO.....may you go on from strength to strength. AP

I'm from Australia and I thought I was coming to some amateur village show. But you were so professional, beautiful acting. The first part [Photographing Kites] was so sensitive too.  An Australian visitor

We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and there was a full house too.....Your second half [Tour de France] was so funny and was most entertaining. A&JD

Don't be Lippy, use logic and go to theatre
A raptuous crowd enjoyed a fantastic live performance at Dales Countryside Museum

Mary Berry, eat your heart out. A full house missed the final of the Great British Bake Off for a performance by Lippy Logic in Hawes this week. Veronica Caperon and Christine Hooley brought a mixture of banter, song, and serious and comic sketches to an enthusiastic audience.

After some warm-up local humour drawing on the creamery, the rope works and Hardraw Force, the first half moved to a short play touching sensitively and powerfully on mother/daughter relationships, the challenge of finding the right man for some intelligent and forceful women, and the deep pain of the loss in the family. The pain was briefly relieved by the hypocrisy of an over-protective, right-thinking mother of another small child.

The second half began with a topical comic sketch set on the Buttertubs Pass where two women plan to infiltrate the first day of this year's Tour de France and win the first stage. They don't even begin to pedal and are silenced as the competitors zip past but, before and after, the jokes and the laughter flowed. The evening ended with the Wensleydale premiere of Lippy Logic's theme song with witty new words set to a familiar tune. The audience joined in the chorus with a will.

Clever writing and engaging performances showed just why so many of us are happy to leave the telly and the fireside for the live theatre.

Joe Pilling

Thanks very much for all your support

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep

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