Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Lippy Logic Greetings!

Where has that year gone!

Lots of fact finding and creative visits have been done to research for our work this year. You don't think we just throw it together do you? Gyms, stately homes, museums, theatres, significant birthdays (Alright, alright, Christine - don't you dare...Veronica) have all sparked for what passes for creativity in the Lippy Logic office.

And we're delighted to say we're ready to go on the road again in 2017! Watch this space for our programme. And of course we're open to offers to bring Live Theatre to your doorstep with lots of laughter and a fair bit of drama too.

In the meantime, we'd like to wish you and your family an extremely Happy Christmas and an exciting, healthy and fun-filled 2017!


Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep

Friday, 2 September 2016

Carrying on the tradition!

Just like all great Olympians, Lippy Logic have maintained our record of a prize in consecutive Village arts and produce shows - just!

Despite low sun levels, torrential outbursts, creatures (slimey and furry), dodgy seed stock (that's our excuse and we're sticking to that one), the veg patch has rewarded efforts with a prize in the....COURGETTES!! A very quick snap as evidence...

Onions and jam also appeared, and as ever there was fierce rivalry between the two of us. This time it was the Red Currant Jelly. One wouldn't want to diss a certain very well know cook's recipe, but never has so sloppy a jelly been produced by your noble producers...

Now we're busy pouring through the Lippy Logic Song Book for a couple of events in the autumn. Private birthday functions beckon so we're trying to think of a new way of presenting Happy Birthday - any ideas friends?

Keep an eye out for news of other events, and we don't mean of the green fingered type!

Enjoy the rest of the summer

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Keep Fit the Lippy Logic way

Ever keen to research and develop material for Lippy Logic, off we went to the gym on a Spa day!

The Lippy Logic Fitness Video is now in the editing suite (where's that then? C) (What's that then? V).

We investigated a range of exercise regimes - rowing....

cycling (Well after a fashion)

who can jump onto the highest pile of mats (Was this one only 3 inches high? C)
and try to stay on the wobble boards (what? with our ankles? V)
Not for the camera were the wet experiences in the spa swimming pool. Ooooeer the jacuzzi was fun but by! It weren't arf hot in the steam room...

However if the video remains in pieces on the cutting room floor, you might expect Cissie and Verna to have something to say about their day at the Spa. Watch this space

Meanwhile if the Frost doesn't get you, enjoy the Spring!

Christine and Veronica

Proud to bring Live Theatre to your doorstep 

Photos and the day: courtesy The Elles.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Greetings!

Lambs a-gambolling, daffs-a-bursting, Easter eggs a-cracking...

Well it's high time to dust off the Lippy Logic notebooks and sharpen the pencils.

There's lots to be done between now and later in the year when we are unleashed on the world again. We've got one or two great sketches lined up. We've had lots of inspiration to draw on recently, from furniture moving to haggis chasing, dog grooming to abseilling. You'll just have to come along and see what we commit to what we laughingly call 'the script'.

And then there's getting the Lippy Logic veg patch ready. Aubergine, Dragon Fruit, Lady's Fingers, Melons: we won't be trying any of these - where do you think the veg patch is? Surbiton?

So Happy Easter and enjoy all those spring joys!

Proud to bring Live Theatre to your doorstep

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