Wednesday 2 October 2013

Eldroth survives Lippy Logic!

What a wonderful time we had! Great Audience, Fine Canapés, Super Venue!

If you've never been to Eldroth Church you have missed one of the most serene places in England. Well, maybe it wasn't last Saturday night, when we did our "Double Dose of Lippy Logic" show - "serene" wasn't one of the words we heard from the audience afterwards, to be honest.

But thanks to everyone who sent best wishes for broken legs and all that. Christine is pleased to say she managed not to this time. And the very big thank you to John for doing the sound.

The good people of Eldroth Church did everyone reet proud - canapés that excelled their usual high standard, illuminations fit for an olympic stadium, and an audience that seemed to have enjoyed themselves. We'll leave you with what a couple of people have written about the evening - click here to see reviews - and a few photos below taken by Del from Kent (they travelled from far and wide to see the show!)

We do hope the serenity has returned to Eldroth by now...

see you again soon!
Christine and Veronica

Christine starts the show on her own until...

.....Veronica finally arrives from Settle
Two Friends - "tension all the way through"

"engaging personalities and wicked sense of humour"
"anarchic sketch Up the Garden Path"

"Veronica's formidable writing skills"
"Christine's remarkable ability to get under
the skin of the characters she portrays"

"warm humour and sharp ad-libbing"
"a lovely venue"


Eldroth September 2013
The people of the rural communities of Austwick and Lawkland were intrigued earlier in the summer to read the glowing reviews of a show at Grassington Festival by two of their residents – Christine Hooley and Veronica Caperon. So it was no surprise that the picturesque little church at Eldroth was full to capacity for a home performance of their creation, the curiously titled A Double Dose of Lippy Logic.
Christine (left) and Veronica
No-one was disappointed. The engaging personalities and wicked sense of humour of the two ‘women of a certain age’ sparked off each other from the start. This continued through the links between the four set pieces of the show and especially during their anarchic sketch Up the Garden Path (which involved four members of the audience accompanying on garden tools the duo’s mauling of English Country Garden).

Whilst the warm humour and sharp ad-libbing was the thread holding the show together, the real strength was the more serious dramatic pieces, one in each half. The first, Two Friends, had the audience in rapt silence as the nature of a personal tragedy and its effect on the relationship of two close friends gradually unfolded. The second, The Birthday Wish, was in the challenging form of a monologue, bringing together Veronica’s formidable writing skills and Christine’s remarkable ability to get under the skin of the characters she portrays. In both pieces the characters truly came to life, leaving the audience wishing they could get to know them better.

The final piece, a short series of poems written and read by Veronica, showed yet another side of her original and perceptive way of looking at the world as well as her skill with words.

The whole performance was absorbing and thought provoking and was concluded with a reprise of English Country Garden – and therein lies the only criticism. A short additional piece that brought together the wonderful comic talents of these two performers would have rounded off a remarkable evening’s entertainment perfectly. We shall hear more of Lippy Logic. Robert Clarke Craven Herald

Thought things went very well last night. Could hear the audience listening.  Greatly admired the props - simple and very effective.  Towards the end the monologue tips over into something profound.  Enjoyed the first dialogue, tension all the way through. And a lovely venue.  It's good that such an interesting building can be put to so much use. Jean Harrison

I did enjoy your show on Saturday evening – well done – superb. PH
I loved the poems! BH

Settle a week later: the pair took part in "Settle Sessions" a series of evenings through the year bringing short stories and poetry to the masses - or trying to!

Headline Act was Mike Barlow, National Poetry Prize winner and lots of other accolades - his take on "The Birthday Wish" which Christine performed as part of Veronica's literary contribution:
"It was an altogether very friendly and enjoyable evening. I thought Veronica's monologue was real quality and the performance utterly convincing".

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