Friday 13 March 2015

Back on Track!

Well, it's been a funny sort of couple of months in Lippy Logic Land.

Christine would like to thank everyone for their support, concern and best wishes while her John has been poorly. Now that he's back on the road to recovery, well, it's all systems go, go, go!

We're just firming up dates for this year's shows so watch this space for more details soon.

hard at it writing our next show.....
That's if we can find the pencils and Lippy Logic Black Books to write something in them...

And then there's the Lippy Logic veg plot to dig over and start planting.

That's where you can help! 

So what shall we plant then? Email us with your suggestions (keep it clean chaps). We'll try them in the two plots and see who grows the biggest, fattest, longest, tastiest in time for the local Village produce show in August.

See, told you it was all go....

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to you doorstep

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