Friday 1 May 2015

The Lippy Logic Effect - 2015

We're back and here we go then - our 2015 show dates so far....

If you're a member of the Ingleborough Group of WI Federations then block off Friday 3rd July and head for Ingleton Community Centre. Especially and just for members, our show will try and add something extra to the WI Centenary celebrations with our prize winning jam and Jerusalem (V: OOo! I'll look for the chords for my Ukulele. C: Do you HAVE too?)


Saturday 17th October  - yes they've let us back into Eldroth after the havoc we wrought with A Double Dose of Lippy Logic in 2013. We'll be along the road at Eldroth Parish Hall this time which is good news for downtown Kettlesbeck at the other end.

Saturday 5th December - Clapham village hall.  
We have had a number of reservations for tickets. However,  the organisers have been in touch and want to put us off for that date. We're very sorry about this as it is entirely due to circumstances outside our control. We are very disappointed and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. We will let you know as soon as we have our next shows planned.

Hope to see you soon!

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep!

ps Thank you for your suggestions about what we should grow in the Lippy Logic veg patch. Difficult to find seeds for Lady's Fingers and Kohlrabi in this neck of the wood, but we'll keep looking. Keep your suggestions coming and we'll try and grow them!