Friday, 16 May 2014

Lippy Logic Rides Again!

With Christine Hooley and Veronica Caperon at Grassington Festival Fringe on Wednesday 25th June 8pm at The Chapel - Methodist Church in Grassington. Also part of the Yorkshire Festival Fringe celebrating Le Grand Depart du Tour de France cette annĂ©e in our fine county

Tickets £7.  Box office: 01756 752691
(online booking fee applies).
Just a few tickets left at Crossleigh Stores, Austwick 015242 51415
Lock up your spare tyres, hide your onions...
Zut Alors! We're off sur la route encore une fois!

Laugh-out Loud Comedy and Moving Drama dans les Dales de Yorkshire. That's what we have in store for you as we ride into Grassington at the end of June ahead of Le Tour De France ooh la-la!

If you have a bike pump and spanners, bring them along - anything can happen when we saddle up to conquer le piste magnifique de Wensleydale et Swaledale. And if you don't know much about Le Tour, despairez-vous not. Veronique will have encyclopaedic knowledge at her finger tips (Oh sorry everyone - beaucoup de groans! Christine). And they'll have un moment for a petit peu de quelquechose je ne sais quoi (if Christine remembers to pack it all...Veronica) 

We've got quite a reputation now for presenting drama as well as comedy. In our new piece "Photographing Kites" a grandmother and her daughter try to make sense of devastating events which happen over a 12 month period: "a really touching piece – quite heart wrenching and excellent acting", "mixture of humour and observation of human situations" - audience comments from the Edgmond show in Shropshire in May.

Down in the Lippy Logic potting shed which doubles as a rehearsal space and bike store, we have been preparing what we shall call 'our song', but it could be yours too, especially if you're in the second flush of youth.   

So polish up your pedals and fasten your helmets - hope to see you there!

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep
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Riding in and out of Shropshire!

An evening of "Laugh-out loud Comedy and Moving Drama"....

Edgmond Village Hall, near Newport Shropshire

That's what we took to Edgmond at the beginning of May and it seemed to go down well, along with the fish and chips supper.

When the Lippy Logic pencils come out and make contact with the Lippy Logic paper (you didn't think we just threw it all together did you? - Christine), our aim is to blend fun sketches with some emotional drama - it's what people tell us they like best about our shows! So the Salopian show featured highlights from our 2013 show and new material for 2014.

Thankfully, the audience was appreciative and warm (probably stoked up by the heat from our new lights - Veronica)

"Yorkshire Country Garden" certainly had the audience laughing out loud before their supper as two novice gardeners tried to get to grips with their northern gardens,

aided and abetted by "willing" members of the audience on a variety of instruments that look suspiciously as though they had come from the greenhouse!

The second half was the Moving Drama bit. In one of our new items for 2014 "Photographing Kites",  a grandmother and her daughter try to come to terms with family tragedy; it's a sensitive piece with wry observations alongside touching emotion - as a few of the audience found to their surprise:

Brilliant show tonight! How you remember all those words I just don't know!  CB

I thoroughly enjoyed your show on Saturday.  You two have a natural chemistry and great writing and performing skills.  It was a great mixture of humour and observation of human situations.  Unfortunately [a few in the audience] were a little slow on the uptake...[who] perhaps did not pick up some of the subtleties! EB

The 2nd half of the show was a really touching piece – quite heart wrenching and excellent acting, although I suspect some of the audience werent prepared emotionally for that sort of piece as it was advertised as a light hearted entertainment – but it was so well done and I found it very touching.
And I cant get the chorus of ‘BUT, we're here and we’re happy etc.....’ out of my head as I turn 50 next year , so I know what I’ll be singing in 2015 !  AW

Very well done to you both...really enjoyed it....all so professional  JL

A good evening, much enjoyed by all  CW

Thumbs up all round! It was a very entertaining evening! You are two very talented ladies!  DJ

Some of the audience comments there, and our thanks to everyone who came along and those who helped organise the evening, in aid of Edgmond Village Hall. 

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to you doorstep