Sunday, 25 October 2015

Eldroth Affected by Lippy Logic Effect!

Well, The New Bore Hole at Eldroth Parish Hall was duly welcomed with 'Gala Celebrations' as we performed The Lippy Logic Effect to good....effect. 

Thanks to everyone who came to fill the house, and prepared the lovely supper and the ever patient hall committee who must have wondered what they'd let themselves in for when we arrived with the Big Top....

Here are some of the things people said afterwards, followed by the press review

Audience reactions

How hard you must have worked to put the Eldroth show together. The outpatients scene would have connected with many of our personal experiences and was hilarious from beginning to end. But ‘Pebbles on the Beach’ reached across a broader human canvas and was funny for its characters and their observations of life but also tragic for their underlying hopes, feelings and betrayals. Well done. A great evening’s entertainment.  GP

Enjoyed all the sketches, delivery and timing spot on.  JZ
I particularly liked the second half (Pebbles on the Beach) - a touch of Victoria Wood there. Christine's comic timing is brilliant. She can hold the audience then just go for the punchline. MD
I loved the Vicar[Veronica]'s voice! (Pebbles on the Beach) it was very funny watching it behind [the real vicar] and his wife. Such a lovely 'community' evening  Hilarious, a bit naughty! Something for everyone. Enjoyed every minute of it. BH
The chemistry works very well between you.The first half kicked along very well. I enjoyed how you handled people up on the stage. MP
I loved every bit of it. Well done you! IG
Not a word or note out of place. RC
The soundtrack was very effective and innovative. It added a lot to the show. GC
Brilliant!....we had a good giggle! JO

WONDERFUL performance the other night...fantastic job Lippy Logic!! SP

I laughed from start to finish, and even embarrassed myself laughing out loud sometimes! EI

Press review/Craven Herald

Lippy Logic Larks and Laughter!

‘We’re feisty and flighty’ – is the Lippy Logic logo- and they’re very funny too!

Saturday night in Eldroth Village Hall and a crowded room sang along, waved hands in the air and joined the Lippy Logic Ladies in a resounding chorus of the LL anthem. We celebrated not doomed youth but the triumph of survival and the fun of the fifth decade and onwards.

Veronica Caperon and Christine Hooley, the Lippy Logic duo, write and perform their own material. It has its roots in their own experience of life for women ‘of a certain age’. It also draws on the rural world we know and love- the farming families, the health and safety preoccupations of the village hall committee, the renown of the local nude cafĂ©- rich seams.

‘Our very own Mel and Sue’ was the welcoming introduction - and yes- the two are witty and obviously share a great rapport. They’re also wise. After a delicious light supper we listened to a touchingly funny exchange when LL gave their audience laugh out loud lines and touchingly poignant exchanges that stilled the hall with admiration for their astute observation of human foibles.

And- we ended the evening singing together that anthem- ‘We’re here and we’re happy’.

Go and enjoy Lippy Logic – it’s a grand night out!
Gwen Cleverly 

Thanks for all the support - and laughter!
Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep


Friday, 16 October 2015

Sorry, sold out for Eldroth!

It's official, The Lippy Logic Effect has had an...effect in the beautiful, sleepy hamlet in deepest Yorkshire (Excuse me, we can SEE Lancashire from the Parish Hall - C) so good job we've got The Big Top to augment the audience space at our show on Saturday 17th October. 

Thanks everso much for the support - no pressure then.....

Our sketch comedy evening sit somewhere between Alan Bennett and Victoria Wood? Or should we say it offers a nod to Morecambe and Wise and The Two Ronnies? 

Keystone Cops it isn't, not with all that running around and our collective backs. Forget League of Gentlemen and that alternative stuff of yester-year. But you can be sure we give Mel and Sue a run for their money in innuendo (in your where? - C)  

  •  You'll have a fly-on-the-wall view of how we at Lippy Logic craft our work (Are you sure that's wise? - V) in our version of The British Bake-Off. 
  • You can meet Verna and Cissie, and join them for an afternoon in Out-Patients. 
  • To top it all, you'll be the first to see our world premiere of our two-handed monologue (you have to see it to believe it - C&V). "Pebbles on the Beach" is the funny and touching story of two women torn by jealousy and betrayal. And no deaths or shouting to be seen or heard.

Live theatre on your doorstep or what!

The WI no less described "The Lippy Logic Effect" in July as full of "shoulder-shaking laughter" and "scintillating wit, captivating chemistry" (2015 audience reaction).

The show is in aid of Eldroth Parish Hall at 7.30pm (doors at 7pm). The nice hall committee are laying on a light supper for your ticket price, and there'll be a bar for those who need some dutch courage to see the show.

See you there! 

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep