Monday 30 June 2014

"I’ve caught Lippylogicitis" -

Grassington and Yorkshire Festival Fringes' Review 25th June 2014

Who'd have thought we'd be back at Grassington Festival Fringe (as well as the Yorkshire Festival Fringe) this year - and great to see lots of new faces too! Now we know how many calories are burnt on the Tour de France and rather more than we need to about a pig's rectal prolapse...

Many thanks to everyone who came to The Chapel and all those who helped us put the show on. We really do appreciate it.

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Below are some comments from the audience with a full press review at the end. 

Well done both. Writing and acting were superb, funny, entertaining and confidently flawless (and you had me in tears!) More please.  JS

Well, you certainly know how to pluck our heartstrings and connect with our middle-aged lives, joys and angsts. Well done for the conception, writing and execution of a thoroughly entertaining and absorbing evening. I particularly enjoyed the reflective parts of the drama [Photographing Kites] in the first half when the characters were sharing their thoughts and feelings through monologue but because I am a fool at heart, my favourite piece was the Tour de France scene. It just made me laugh and was excellent. GP

We both enjoyed the LL night at Gurston!  (That's what Grassington was called by dialect speakers when l was a child and living there but not heard it called that in years.)  l didn't realise it was a 3 handkerchief night though, [Photographing Kites] was sad. We thought the song just right and the words almost Gilbertian in rhythm.  Keep on writing won't you? LC

Congratulations on an evening of all round entertainment...The second half [Tour de France and Song] was first class entertainment. It was punchy, uplifting, funny and really got the audience involved. Your timing throughout, was excellent. Everyone came away laughing, which speaks volumes. BH

Lippy Logic Rides Again! Grassington Methodist Church 25th June 2014
Returning to the scene of their debut last year local writing and performing duo Lippy Logic succeeded in entertaining a packed house with their now trademark mix of comedy and drama.

Lippy – Veronica Caperon and Logic – Christine Hooley – leapt on stage to introduce us to their show with a pun filled musical overview of festival headline acts which had the audience dancing and singing within a matter of minutes.

The newly written dramatic piece ‘photographing kites’ followed and whilst we’d been warned that it dealt with difficult subject matter, nothing could prepare the audience for the emotional punch as Gill and Sally’s story was revealed over 4 scenes. The actors convinced us of their mother daughter relationship and the misunderstanding that had prevented them supporting each other through their bereavement. Their reconciliation scene was genuinely heart-breaking and had the audience in tears.

After the interval we were treated to ’Les Dames du Tour de France’ on the côte de Buttertubs enjoying a French feast whilst waiting for the pelican – that’s peloton to cycling fans. A mix of Allo Allo and cycling for beginners the audience lapped it up! – it appears I’ve caught Lippylogicitis. A highlight was the audience singing frère Jacques in the round reworked to reflect the effect of a sea of lycra clad pédaleurs on the locals –I shall never look at a plastic picnic plate the same way again. As in the previous performance the acting was complemented by the props, costumes and soundtrack.

The finale was a comical new theme song ‘Now that We’re Fifty’ extolling the advantages of being fifty....ish to the strains of the ukulele performed with gusto by LL and their audience. As they say in their signature song “they’re feisty and flighty”‘ – looking forward to next year’s entertainment already.

Our next show is on Wednesday 8th October 2014 at Dales Countryside Museum Hawes, in aid of Hawes Parish Church. (Details here) 
Please note: we have no plans for another show in Craven this year

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