Tuesday 25 March 2014

Shropshire Survives Lippy Logic!

Not a sleepy Shropshire anymore!

What a time we had! And the audience seemed to enjoy themselves too. They laughed and sang along and even braved the Lippy Logic orchestral instruments for a fine rendition of Yorkshire Country Garden, despite border issues and the north/south divide. (Yes, Shropshire is South for us!)

There was rapt silence as we brought our moving piece "Photographing Kites" to a close. (Well, Veronica, maybe they'd all fallen asleep by then - Christine). 

And as for the singing at the end...well there have never been so many people being feisty and flighty in the village hall before. Don't expect it again!

Our new lights and sound equipment worked - Hurray! and much thanks to John D for that!

Thank you so much to Paula, Tim and all the village hall committee, to Edric for being such a good sport and fine cinematographer (if enough people ask for a copy of the show, we'll make some!) and to our instrumentalists Jane, Graham (aka Basil Fawlty) and Mr and Mrs Rob Hill (on behalf of the Lippy Logic Management Council, please accept my sincerest apologies Mrs Hill for Christine's rather forward greeting to your husband in full view, on stage - Veronica)

And also apologies to people living along the High Street from the village hall to the hall secretary's house if you were disturbed around midnight by murmurings that sounded very much like a small group of feisty and flighty women staggering back to eat their fish and chips at last!

So we'll leave you with a few comments from the audience (the ones fit to print), and look forward to seeing you again one day soon!

Brilliant show tonight! How you remember all those words I just don't know!  CB

I thoroughly enjoyed your show on Saturday.  You two have a natural chemistry and great writing and performing skills.  It was a great mixture of humour and observation of human situations.  Unfortunately [a few in the audience] were a little slow on the uptake...[who] perhaps did not pick up some of the subtleties! EB

Very well done to you both...really enjoyed it....all so professional  JL

A good evening, much enjoyed by all  CW

Thumbs up all round! It was a very entertaining evening! You are two very talented ladies!  DJ

Christine and Veronica

Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep

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