Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Christmas from Lippy Logic!

Such excitement by the Lippy Logic Christmas Tree while we think of where to hang our Christmas Stockings....and do our Christmas photoshoot with the old Instamatic.

We've had a very busy year writing, planning, conceiving - well not literally, at our age - and performing.

Thanks very much to all those who came to our gigs - hope you're still chuckling over your mince pies.

Now we're busy with preparing the next programme. Not wanting to let any cats out of any bags, but we're looking forward to seeing Cissie and Verna's Christmas antics in the 2016 show  - (Veronica: I expect they'll be in front of the telly watching the Queen's speech on Christmas Day.  Christine: oh yes, sherry in hand and pulling a cracker - that's Cissie not HM.)

So here's wishing you fun and frolics over Christmas and peace and happiness in 2016. See you soon!

Christine and Veronica

Proud to bring live theatre to your doorstep

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