Friday, 10 July 2015

Entertaining the WI

Review  July 3rd 2015, Ingleton Community Centre

We packed the Lippy Logic Coat-stand into the car and trundled off to Ingleton in July to entertain the Ladies from the Ingleborough Area group of WIs...and survived!
Have coat-stand, will perform

It was the first outing for part of our 2015 show "The Lippy Logic Effect",  featuring an Afternoon in Outpatients, The LL version of the British Bake-Off and a unique erm...."rendition" of Jerusalem. You can see the full version on 17th October at Eldroth Parish Hall -click here for details

It was great fun and the audience threw themselves into it all - and laughed a lot too!

Here are a couple of audience comments:

Went to the WI Group rally on Friday. Lippy Logic were amazing. They should be on Prime time TV. Not a rude word or gesture in sight, just scintillating wit. The facial expressions, timing and captivating chemistry between this talented duo are second to none. Really enjoyed the show   FM

We were well entertained by Lippy Logic...As usual they were very funny and topical.....I do hope Christine had washed that Jerusalem artichoke embedded in her was a very good evening   L C

Christine and Veronica dressed for Outpatients
It was all very entertaining, my mum loved it too...I could see the shoulders of the lady in front of me shaking with laughter!  AA

Lippy Logic excelled themselves again with a great performance at the W.I. Rally on Friday 3rd July.  Cissy and Verna were hilarious in the 'hospital waiting room'.  They promised us tears of laughter and we duly obliged.  The audience participation was well received and, over all, it was a great evenings entertainment.  MG

Christine and Veronica
Proud to bring Live Theatre to your doorstep


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