2015 Shows

Off we went on the road in 2015 with new characters Cissie and Verna, The Lippy Logic Off sketch and the touchingly funny drama "Pebbles on the Beach", all bundled up in The Lippy Logic Effect

July - Ingleton Community Centre

The good ladies of the WI Ingleborough Group proved to be an excellent audience! They even didn't mind the Lippy Logic version of Jerusalem - with not a jar of jam in sight! You can see what they thought about it here

October - Eldroth Parish Hall

We made it back into Eldroth despite bringing them A Double Dose of Lippy Logic in 2013. This time we certainly left The Lippy Logic Effect behind us! You can see the results here

December - Clapham Village Hall

We are very sorry that this event has been postponed due to circumstances entirely beyond our control. We are very sorry about this and apologise for any inconvenience

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